Business Law

CHH Law, P.C., A Professional Law Corporation, represents clients in business law matters, including business startups and business litigation covering a wide variety of legal issues such as breach of contract. Business owners and managers throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding areas count on our knowledgeable direction and support.

Ongoing Business-Attorney Collaboration
Our common practice is to work in-depth with a few select companies that employ our law firm as outside counsel on a monthly retainer. With this arrangement, business owners rest assured that legal advice and advocacy is available without concern for billable hours. These companies are large enough to need legal advice often but not large enough to have in-house counsel. Contact our Alhambra-based business law firm to discuss a proposal for this type of ongoing relationship with our law firm.

One-Time Business Law Services
We also welcome new clients who wish to hire a lawyer for a one-time or occasional need such as business formation. We can walk you through the steps of selecting an entity, filing with the state as required, setting up operational procedures, establishing protocols for monthly, quarterly and annual meetings, and accomplishing critical tasks such as leasing commercial property.

Dispute Resolution When Conflicts Arise Internally Or Externally
When disputes arise in business matters or commercial dealings, CHH Law, P.C., can represent your business or corporation. We can bring lawsuits or defend your business in contract-related disputes, commercial landlord-tenant issues or municipality-related legal troubles. We can help your business navigate internal problems such as partnership disputes. In every business legal matter, we understand the importance of the bottom line. We will never seek to generate legal fees without a genuine need for your business’s viability.

You Can Trust Our Business Law Attorney To Watch Out For Your Best Interests
Bring your needs and concerns to our attention as you prepare to start a business in California, refine business operations, respond to a lawsuit or prepare to dissolve a business. Send an email inquiry or call 626-539-5377 to schedule a consultation.

We offer business law counsel with assistance as needed for Chinese- and Spanish-speaking clients.

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