At CHH Law, P.C., A Professional Law Corporation, in Alhambra, we are committed to helping clients solve problems in ways that are most advantageous and forward-looking. When a need for debt relief is the problem, bankruptcy may be the solution. The pathway to bankruptcy is not necessarily a path of failure, as many people are conditioned to believe. Most people who file bankruptcy have tried hard to resolve debt problems triggered by:
  • Job loss
  • Medical crisis
  • Divorce or other family situation
  • Business failure
There should be no shame in turning to bankruptcy if necessary to deal with unmanageable debt. Bankruptcy is a legal and time-honored way for an overburdened debtor to get a fresh start. Californians who are face insolvency because of medical debts, credit card debts, installment loans and other financial obligations can get questions answered and find clear guidance by calling CHH Law, P.C., serving Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. We welcome the opportunity to answer questions about bankruptcy. We respectfully and efficiently guide clients through all the necessary processes, including:
  • Determining whether bankruptcy is, in fact, the right course of action and in each client’s best interests.
  • Fulfilling legal requirements such as the taking the means test that identifies who is eligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which can discharge most or all consumer debt.
  • Selecting the type of bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13) and/or bankruptcy alternative most appropriate for individual circumstances.
  • Inventorying assets, income and debts.
  • Preparing to file for bankruptcy with the most advantageous timing.
  • Preparing the Client and attending with the Client the required 341(a) creditors’ meetings
  • Completing debt counseling requirements.
Many people experience a great feeling of relief once they file bankruptcy. A bankruptcy filing can stop creditor harassment and stop foreclosure. When bankruptcy is complete and debts are repaid or discharged, rebuilding credit is a goal with in reach for most people. Free Initial Consultation With A California Bankruptcy Attorney Contact a compassionate, client-focused bankruptcy lawyer at CHH Law, P.C., by email or by phone at 626-539-9697.