Property Division

At the core of every divorce is the issue of property division. Assets that belonged to both spouses during a marriage must now be divided. When a divorce is complete, the new ownership of every asset that was once part of the marital estate should be clarified. Assets in a marriage that must be divided or allocated to one spouse include:

  • Bank accounts
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Collectibles, tools and other valuables
  • Retirement accounts and investments

Offsets In Place Of Equal Division Of Assets
Sometimes divorcing spouses have good reasons not to divide certain assets. The most obvious example is a house that cannot be divided in two. A viable property division solution may therefore include “offsets” of assets in exchange for others. In other words, one spouse will keep the house while another will take sole ownership of investments or retirement accounts. Or a dependent spouse may forego alimony in favor of some large asset such as real estate.
An Effective Divorce Lawyer Keeps A Divorce On Track Toward Conclusion
Possibilities for property division settlements are nearly endless when a couple is approaching divorce. A skilled divorce lawyer will keep a case on track and help bring it to a successful conclusion without wasting clients’ time or attorneys’ fees. At CHH Law, P.C. A Professional Law Corporation, we are diligent to keep our clients’ best interests in clear focus during the property division aspect of a marriage. Our clients primarily come from throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.
Get Guidance About Property Division In A California Divorce — Contact An Experienced Family Law Attorney
CHH Law, P.C., is committed to representing real people rather than pushing agendas of any kind. If we handle your California divorce, we pledge clear direction as well as honesty. People going through divorce are rarely completely satisfied with how property division works out. Our clients, nonetheless, often tell us their divorces are complete that they felt well-informed, well-supported and well-represented. Learn how we can help you by emailing us or calling 626-539-5377.

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