Child Custody and Visitations

Unlike the case in past generations, California family law statutes and family law judges allegedly avoid gender bias in determining which parent will retain primary custody of children after a divorce. Fathers’ rights are as important as mothers’ rights in the eyes of the law in California. A parenting plan that takes into account the importance of both parents’ roles in their children’s lives should help shape a child custody and visitation order.

Child custody and visitation do not apply only in the case of divorcing parents. Unmarried parents have rights and responsibilities to their children, too. CHH Law, P.C. A Professional Law Corporation, advises parents — and in some cases, grandparents or other close family members — in custody cases, with or without divorce. We work with parents from throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

A parenting plan in California may allocate custody between separating parents on a 50-50 percent basis, a 25-75 percent basis or some other formula. “The child’s best interests” are pre-eminent in consideration of where children will spend time after a separation or divorce. Even when splitting couples disagree on many things, they are often able to find a path to reason by agreeing on the importance of their children’s stability and security along their journey toward becoming well-adjusted adults.

Complicating factors sometimes get in the way of a reasonable agreement between separating parents about where children should live. If one parent uses drugs, has an alcohol problem or has a history of abusive behavior in the family, a family law judge will typically listen carefully to proposals by the other parent to provide a safe, stable environment full time. Even so, supervised visitation for the offending parent may be an expectation of the court.

When CHH Law, P.C., advises parents in child custody cases, we keep core principles clearly in focus:

  • What is best for the child
  • What a family law judge will likely accept
  • What a client seeks
  • What obstacles must be overcome

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Dividing a child between parents who are no longer together is not only difficult — it can seem impossible. Yet many separated and divorced parents have worked out reasonable arrangements for keeping both involved in a child’s life. Learn how we can help you by emailing our law firm or calling 626-539-5377.

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